Thursday, April 26, 2012

AshleyMadison vs. Tim Tebow

I guess that I shouldn't be surprised when I encounter cynics, but I still am. I came across a link yesterday to a Huffington Post article on Tim Tebow. For those of you living on the moon, Tebow is a quarterback with the New York Jets, newly acquired from Denver. But he is probably even more well known for his evangelical Christian faith.

Tebow has unashamedly stated that he is a virgin and intends to wait until marriage to have sex. This just doesn't play well in today's sex-saturated culture. He's been the butt of jokes from stand up comics and even the object of ridicule from other athletes. He seems to have taken all of this in stride.

However, the recent antics of the dating service AshleyMadison have revealed a depth of cynicism that reveals how low some in our society will sink. They have actually offered a $1 million reward to anyone who can offer evidence that Tim Tebow is not, in fact, a virgin. What that evidence might be is not made clear, but the motivation seems crystal clear.

This dating service, which calls itself "the most recognized name in infidelity" simply can't imagine that someone as popular as Tebow would not give in to temptation - and they also can't imagine why he wouldn't. I find this very revealing. While many would react with shock at what AshleyMadison is doing, I believe that they are largely a reflection of a culture that has given up on the concept of sexual purity.

Even though repeated studies have shown that cohabiting before marriage leads to higher rates of divorce and less satisfaction in marriage, the overwhelming majority seem to think that it's not only a good idea, but is expected. Sexually transmitted diseases have reached "epidemic proportions" in some parts of North America, yet we continue to promote sex without restraint among our youth, extending to younger and younger ages.

At some point I think the question must be asked - why? Do we really think that it's a good thing that stores are selling provocative clothing for 8 year old girls? Or that people are held up to ridicule among their peers for choosing to keep their sexuality for marriage? Or that mainstream music and Hollywood seems fixated on more and more graphic content?

As someone who does pre-marital work with couples, I've found that those who choose to wait are much happier and have much healthier marriages. They don't have to worry about STD's or the emotional baggage of broken intimate relationships. As one who has had to help pick up the broken pieces, I will continue to recommend the lifestyle that Tebow has chosen.

I, for one, hope that he will continue to have the courage of his convictions. Our youth need some healthy role models. I'd rather have them look up to him than to look to AshleyMadison for direction - an organization that specializes in assisting in affairs for over 7 million anonymous adulterers. I've seen too many broken hearts, homes and children. Give your head a shake.

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