Thursday, February 10, 2011

Akiane Kramarik

This is a follow-up to an earlier video that I posted of an interview with Akiane, a young prodigy of an artist who has captured worldwide attention. Now 16, she began painting at the age of four, usually using visions she experienced as her subject matter.

What brought her to my attention was the book I just reviewed "Heaven Is For Real." Young Colton, who had a near-death experience and shared his encounters, spoke often about meeting Jesus. Everywhere that they saw a painting of Jesus they would ask Colton if that's what He looked like. Colton would always respond in the negative.

As Todd Burpo began to share the story of his son's heavenly encounter, someone came to him after a speaking engagement and told him he needed to check out this young girl's art. Much of it dealt with the theme of heaven and spiritual realities. As he went to this little girl's web-site he found a surprising, non-traditional, painting of Jesus which Akiane had painted as an 8 year old. He called his son to him and asked Colton: "What's wrong with this one?" He stood staring at the screen for several minutes, studying the painting. Finally, he turned to his father and announced, "Dad, that one's right."

You can find the portrait at Akiane's web-site. Remember that this painting was done when she was eight year's old. Let me know your thoughts.

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