Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Book Review - "Heaven Is For Real"

I decided that I'd use this spot to review some of the books that I've been reading lately. I'd love your feedback.

The very first book I'll review is a quick little read called "Heaven Is For Real." I read this in one sitting - about 2 1/2 hours worth. It's a true story that will make you sit back and go "Hmmm."

The author, Todd Burpo, (yes that's his real name, I didn't make that up) is (was?) a Pastor in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. At the culmination of a year's worth of hard times for he and his family, his almost four year old son, Colton, became very sick and was misdiagnosed with the flu. In fact, he had appendicitis, and by the time it was discovered, his appendix had burst and his chances of survival were slim.

The book tells the story of what Colton shared with his parents after he was released from hospital. I'm usually highly skeptical of the stories of "near-death" experiences, but this book has the distinct ring of truth to it. I found myself unable to put it down.

As a pastor myself, I automatically find myself looking for areas which contradict Scripture. I didn't find any of those with this book. It passed my "sniff test" for authenticity. I liked it so much that I found myself recommending the book to 3-4 people the very next day - especially for those who have recently experienced the loss of a loved one.

Is there a heaven? What is heaven like? These are questions that almost everyone has asked, or will ask, at some point in time. Read about heaven through the eyes of a little boy who has nothing to hide and nothing to gain from misleading you. I highly recommend this book.
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