Tuesday, April 23, 2013

3801 Lancaster - House of Horrors


It's a story too horrible to think about. When I've shared this with people they have responded with disgust and disbelief. Newborn babies summarily executed, their bodies stored in jars and freezers. The trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell will wrap up shortly in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has been charged with the murder of seven newborn babies, as well as one mother, at an abortion clinic. The evidence presented in the trial shows that there were hundreds of babies who were killed this way over the years.

This trial would have peeled back the curtain on the abortion industry in the United States. It would have, if not for an unwillingness on the part of the mass media to cover this story. It took the sustained efforts of pro-life bloggers to shame outlets like CNN and the New York Post into giving the least bit of coverage of what has been called "The Trial of the Century." It should have been a front-page story for months.

There are some subjects that we simply do not want to talk about; this is one of them. But here is my challenge to you: do what you have to do to force yourself to watch the video below. We must not ignore the reality of abortion and - Canadians - remember that there is no legal limit on abortion in Canada whatsoever. To continue to remain willfully ignorant is to be complicit. It reminds me of a story that emerged after World War 2.

There was a church in Germany that was next to railroad tracks. Trains would run past the church on a regular basis, carrying prisoners bound for the gas chambers. As they gathered for worship on Sundays, the congregants learned to time their service so that they would be singing hymns while the cars went past. As it came close enough to hear the cries of the prisoners, they would sing louder to drown out the sound, as if not hearing meant it wasn't real. Are we doing the same? Please watch the video below, and take action. Call your political representative, support a Crisis Pregnancy Center, consider adoption, or at least offer to help a single mom who's struggling.  

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Facing up to the Horror of Abortion

A friend of mine sat across the desk from me yesterday, excitedly describing what he had learned about the development of his unborn child (15 weeks gestation). He's already a very active baby, moving around in his mother's womb. His loving parents look forward to seeing him as he is revealed to the world in another five months or so.

Contrast that picture with the reality of what is happening in abortion clinics and hospitals around Canada. Even more disconcerting, a few articles have surfaced recently that have, once again, shed light on what has become our society's dirty little secrets - "after-birth abortion" and "gendercide" - and the mainstream media's extreme bias against the pro-life movement.

Let's start with Canada, where columnist Warren Kinsella came out with gun's ablazing against Canadian parliamentarians who dared to put forward a motion asking the House of Commons to condemn the practice that sees female fetuses aborted for the sole reason that they are female. He dismissed the motion as an attempt by backbench parliamentarians to get their name in the headlines and to bring the abortion debate in the back door. Other liberal commentators said the same thing when MP Stephen Woodworth put forward a motion calling for a review of Canada's 400 year old law defining "human beings."

The bottom line with Kinsella and others seems to be that we're not allowed to talk about abortion or changing the law - ever! In their minds the issue has been resolved, not only for them, but for all of us. How dare we keep trying to bring it back up for debate! He resorted to name-calling, declaring them to be "dishonest," "nobodies" and "pipsqueaks." And, of course, he threw in the tried and true pro-abortion rant that they are trying "to move the country back to the bad old days, when the only choice women had were coat hangers in back alleys."

Of course, none of this hyperbole actually dealt with the hard truth that, in Canada, an increasing number of women are now aborting their babies simply because they are girls. The American news outlet, The Economist, ran an article entitled "Gendercide in Canada," detailing skewed birth rates in portions of the population whose country of origin was in the Far East (where sex-selective abortion is rampant). This evidence has lead to calls on the banning of revealing the sex of an unborn child until 30 weeks gestation.

This is all simply a side story to the truth that there has been NO LIMIT ON ABORTION in Canada. It is repugnant that our government(s) lack the courage to take a good, hard look at the evidence and protect those most innocent members of society.

Meanwhile in the U.S., the major media outlets are right now bringing shame on themselves by completely ignoring the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, an abortion doctor in Philadelphia. Gosnell is charged with killing seven babies who were born alive, and testimony has revealed there were hundreds of others. He`s also charged with the death of a woman under his care in his abortion clinic. According to FoxNews.com, neither NBC nor ABC have carried any news on this story. CBS has not covered the trial and CNN has almost completely ignored it. They were even critical of Fox News for its limited coverage.

Perhaps the reason is that the details coming out of this are so horrific that people don`t want to know - crying babies killed with scissors, etc... It is revealing the ugly reality that the abortion industry doesn`t want people to know: every abortion stops a beating heart. These children are alive - they move away from the instruments that are trying to kill them. Their only crime is not being wanted.

If this is enough reason for someone to kill an unborn baby, then it makes sense that Alisa LaPolt Snow, a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, defends "after-birth abortion" (the killing of a child born alive after a failed abortion). This is exactly the crime for which Gosnell is on trial, and Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion supplier in the U.S., is defending infanticide by saying, "the decision to kill an infant who survives a failed abortion should be left up to the woman seeking an abortion and her abortion doctor."

We need to light up the blogosphere and let people know what is actually happening. As I post these and similar stories I get replies like "hideous," "heartless," "awful," and "monstrous." Yes it is, and it must stop! 

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