Thursday, July 05, 2012

Divine Appointments

I looked at my Facebook page today and noticed something a friend had posted. She said to be thinking of her because she had "a meeting today with someone who could change her life." That got me thinking. It got me thinking about turning points, about encounters that altered the trajectory of my life, but mostly, it got me thinking about my relationship with God.

What kind of juggling would I do to my schedule if I had the opportunity to meet with someone who could potentially "change my life?" Perhaps it might be a person of influence who could open the right doors for me and introduce me to the people I need to meet. Perhaps it would be a wealthy businessman whose financial backing would make a dream become a reality. There's no denying that there have been meetings of a few moments that have had a great impact on the lives of individuals.

But today, as I read my friend's post, I thought about the opportunity that I have daily to meet with someone who can open any door and bring to bear resources that are beyond my comprehension. Through Jesus Christ, I am invited to come and spend time with the King of all kings, the Creator of the universe. To some, this sounds like a crock and a complete waste of time, but I beg to differ.

Look at the example of Jacob, in the Old Testament. He was a liar and a deceiver (his name actually means "supplanter"). But after an encounter with God his name was changed to Israel and he became the one through whom the twelve tribes of Israel came. He had met God and He was never the same again.

In Isaiah 6 we find Isaiah, a Jewish priest, entering the temple to worship, but it wasn't just an ordinary day. God actually showed up! The Bible tells us that the presence of God filled the room and the glory of God was so dense that the doorposts and thresholds shook, and Isaiah said, "Woe is me!" (Translation: "I'm a dead man!") But God's purpose was not to kill him, it was to change him. The result of the encounter was that Isaiah found his purpose and calling in life - to speak to the nation of Israel on God's behalf. He had met God and he was never the same again.

There are many other examples from the Bible and right on up to our modern age. I'm one of those whose life was changed by an encounter with the living God. It's very difficult, if not impossible, to have a real encounter with God and not be changed. What I've found with many people is that they really aren't interested in actually knowing God, they just want enough of Him to have a clear conscience. So, how big is your God?

The God of the Bible spoke the universe into existence and sustains it by His power. He designed all of creation with its complexity and variety; He even designed you. He claims rightful ownership of everything and everyone and is in control of history. He raises up and also humbles kings and presidents and kingdoms and empires. Yet with all of that, He takes the time to hear and listen to my concerns. He invites me to join with Him in His plan to see His Kingdom come in this world.

I have a very busy schedule. I could work 24/7 for a long time and still find work to do. But each and every morning, I will pause and spend some time with my Bible and in prayer. I have a very important appointment with someone who can (and has) changed my life.

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