Saturday, June 30, 2012

Top Blog Posts For June 2012

Here are the top 5 blog posts by views for June 2012 in reverse order.

#5 "Take Out The Trash" - The Principle of Transformation 

This article is from a series I did based on Chip Ingram's book: "Good to Great in God's Eyes." It talks about dealing with the junk in our lives in order that we can move on. You can't change what has happened to you, but you can give it a different meaning.

#4 Akiane Kramarik

Akiane just keeps on going. Ever since I started following her career on my blog, the interest just keeps on growing. If you've never checked out her work or read her story, you should.

#3 Book Review: "The Harbinger" 

This is the first book review that has consistently ranked among the top choices of readers. It's a prophetic book written by a Messianic Jewish Rabbi named Jonathon Cahn. It's a book that has attracted a great deal of attention because of its attempts to tie Biblical prophecy to the events of 9/11 and the collapse of the American economy. It's an arresting read.

#2 Akiane Kramarik - 2012

This is my latest piece on Akiane - now 17. It attempts to sort through some of the more common questions about her faith and how it is expressed in her art. 

#1 Akiane
You guessed it. It's Akiane again! I wish I had discovered this young artist. She has an incredible talent and has appeared repeatedly on the major U.S. talk shows. I started writing about her because I was intrigued by the spiritual nature of her art. Having started her art at 5 years old, she already has quite the portfolio - certainly worth a look.

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