Sunday, January 22, 2012

Some Links Worth Checking Out

Today I decided to look through some of my "Favorites" and pull out a few that I thought were worth sharing. I hope that you like them.

Link #1 is to "The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation." Be sure to scroll through the kindness ideas and try one of them tomorrow. Who knows, you could make someone's day.

Link #2 is a page called "Twisted Sifter," where you can download a photo of the day. There are some great shots here. Well worth a visit.

Link #3 is to the "National Geographic" web-site. They have some great photos and videos, maps etc...

Finally, Link #4 is one that is particularly useful for all of you out there who share stories that end up being revealed as frauds. (You know who you are.) You can save yourself a little bit of embarassment by checking "" for those urban legends.

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