Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Defending Marriage

Many people are unaware that Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia has been conducting a review of the topic of polygamy. This has been done in light of the news coming out of the Mormon community of Bountiful in B.C.

The study was conducted to determine whether or not the ban on polygamous relationships in Canada was legal. There was a great deal of concern that an appeal to the Charter of Rights would see this ban struck down. However, Chief Justice Robert Bauman has conducted what has been called "one of the most extensive reviews of the topic of polygamy that has ever been undertaken," and has found that the ban should stand.

His findings demonstrate clearly that a great deal of harm is done - to women, children, men and monogamous marriage - when polygamy is allowed. It is this demonstrated "harm" that lead the Chief Justice to rule that parliament's ban on "poly" relationships should stand.

This is good news for vulnerable women and children in particular, but also for Canadian society and all who want traditional marriage to continue to be the norm. For a more in-depth report go here. For the full Court document, go here.

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