Monday, September 18, 2006

Thoughts on the news.

  • Does anyone else think the reaction of many muslims worldwide to the Pope's comments is a little odd. The pope quoted a medieval source who said that some of the teachings of Islam were "evil and inhuman" and referred to "spreading Islam "by the sword." Thus far, seven Christian churches in Palestine have been attacked by Muslim mobs and an Italian nun working in Somalia was murdered. Seems to me that there may be a better way to demonstrate your religion isn't evil and oriented towards violence than arson and murder! Just a thought.

  • In the meantime, students are getting ready to return to Montreal's Dawson College. This was, of course, the site of the shooting rampage by 25 year old Kimveer Gill. As reported, Gill was a big fan of ultra-violent video games. The more blood and gore the better. What's wrong with culture that allows people to profit off of a schoolyard massacre by selling a video game that glorifies mass murder? These type of events always touch off debates about censorship, but we have always had censorship and always will have. You can't yell "fire" in a theater or say "bomb" on an airplane because it's not in the public's best interests. Isn't it about time we realized that promoting murder, killing cops, beating women, etc... in video games ought to be stopped? Again - just a thought!
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